Membership of the European Federation for Science Journalism is open to national and regional associations and to individual science journalists in Europe.
Member associations have the promotion of independent science journalism in their statutes.
Individual members have to be based in Europe and have shown that they work fulltime or part-time as an independent science journalist.



Free access to:

• Science and technology magazines and databases.
• Webinars.
• Online network for science journalists.
• Cross-borders network for investigative science journalism.
• Science press card.

Discount access to:
• Bi-annual conference on science journalism in Europe.
• Summer schools and workshops.
• Study trips.
• Grant application support.


  1. Dear EFSJ,

    I’d like to know whether reporting on ecology and forestry, as well as critiques on forestry practices from an ecological standpoint or reporting on sustainable forestry in general qualifies as science journalism, or is it just plain environmental journalism.

    There’s a large ongoing debate on forestry in Estonia and our organization is something like the media wing for the proponents of sustainable forestry. Our executive coordinator Linda-Mari Väli has written about 15 articles centered on the subject on Estonian forestry policy and practice, and the topic made it into mainstream some 9 months ago. Right now she’s writing a series of articles on Estonian forestry to the rural weekly Maaleht’s monthly forest extra. Does this description fit someone who would qualify as a EFSJ member?

    Best wishes,
    Martin Luiga
    Helping Estonia’s Forests (Eesti Metsa Abiks)
    program coordinator

    • Dear Martin,

      first of all our apologies for the late reply, and thanks for getting in touch.
      For the moment we cannot yet answer your question, as we are still discussing internally about the the rules for accepting individual members. In general terms, we are willing to support independent journalism, but we recognize that sometimes good journalism can be compatible with having a transparent agenda.
      Please keep in touch through this website: as soon as we finalise the procedure we will make it available in these pages.

      Fabio Turone, on behalf of the EFSJ launching committee

    • Hi Victoria,
      thank you for your interest. We are currently undergoing a phase of re-definition of our rules, so at the moment we are not accepting membership requests.
      We will announce on this website all new developmants, so please stay in touch.

      Best wishes

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