Our plans

Peer-to-peer continuing education
• Offer mentoring, workshops and summer schools both for science journalists and for journalists with an interest in science and technology- related fields like energy, health, and agriculture.
• Organize webinars.

Empowering science journalists
• Develop guidelines and best practices for science journalists.
• Provide free access to science and technology magazines and databases.
• Set up an online network for science journalists in order to stimulate cooperations and discussion, including an ‘ask your colleagues’ support list.
• Supply advice and support for organizing opportunities to meet in person, visit relevant places and debate within the profession and with the sci- entific community.
• Issue science press cards.

Supporting excellence and innovation
• Set up a grant system for investigative reporting on science, technology and the impact on society.
• Develop (web-based) platforms for disseminating these and other stories.
• Set up a cross-borders network for investigative science journalism in cooperation with other international groups of investigative journalists.
• Explore and develop data-driven journalism projects.

Planning for the future of science journalism
• Organize a bi-annual European conference on the state of science journalism.
• Stimulate debate about competences and values that contribute to define science journalism.
• Network with other organisations with a common interest.
• Lobby for independent journalism in the EU and its Member States.
• Commission and lead surveys on the state of science journalism in Europe.
• Lobby for European legislation granting access to information, including scientific information.
• Seek partnerships with scientific institutions for embedded journalism.

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